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(Update)Report of COVID-19 at our company


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President: Norio Nakajima

Murata is announcing an outbreak of COVID-19 at one of its facilities. The details are as follows.

[Updated on August 25]
A cluster of cases has occurred at Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture with the first case emerging on August 3. Operations at the Takefu Factory of Fukui Murata Manufacturing will be suspended from August 25 to August 31 out of consideration for the health and safety of employees and to prevent further spread of the virus. From August 3 to August 24, the total number of cases discovered was 77 employees of cooperating companies and 21 employees of Fukui Murata Manufacturing.

We apologize for causing concern to the public, including local residents and our business partners as a result of this incident. At present, we are working with the public health center and partner companies as we make a company-wide effort to prevent the spread of cases, giving consideration to the health and safety of employees.

<Future responses>
• We will expand the scope of PCR testing and plan to test to all employees (including employees of our partners companies) at the Takefu Factory of Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Murata in Brief

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of ceramic-based passive electronic components & solutions, communication modules and power supply modules. Murata is committed to the development of advanced electronic materials and leading edge, multi-functional, high-density modules. The company has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

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